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The Mysterious Odu Ifa Spirits

The Mysterious Odu Ifa Spirits by Baba Faseye Sangobukunmi

Odu Ifa are peculiar spirits.  Not as popular as the orisa yet their influence can be seen to be more vast and permeating.   They are elusive spirits, who work side by side with babalawo and the spirits of nature including orisa.  

For non initiated devotees they are phantom spirits yet for Ifa priests they are lively entities whose presence on the opon Ifa, or Opele divination chain signals their lively existence.  

When odus visit there presence can cause atmospheric or bodily changes.   For instance recently when casting the Odu Irosun Ofun my nose began to drip as if I was purging of mucous.  

I started sneezing and coughing.   I forgot to put palm oil in my mouth and nostrils to protect myself from the influence of the odu.  Of course this odu causes and cures these ailments.   But how quickly it happened riminded me how powerful individual odu are.

Just like the orisa,  the odu Ifa each have their own personality, symbol, oriki, songs, names and orisa which are associated with them.  Odu Ifa represents various types of energy frequencies and mastery of ase.   

Some odu are welcomed on the mat while others are feared.  Some are easy to deal with and understand while others are very difficult.   

The study of odu Ifa spirits, not just literature is the pastime of Ifa priests.   We learn the powers of the odu and use them to help ourselves and our clients.  Here are some powers and personalities of the Odu:

Ejiogbe-  A bright and young odu with an enormous amount of creative Ase.   

Osetura-  The odu with the ase to open portals to the spiritual dimension.  Transports our offerings to Orun.

Iwori Aweda is the odu with power to wash bad Ori.  We use this odu in Ori cleansings.

Idi Aisun is Olodumare’s Odu.

Irosun Agbe is the odu of the intuitive dreamer and spirit mounter.

Irosun Iwori is the odu of love and humanity’s communal destiny in Ipo Rere.

Owonrin Osa is the odu of the Birth of Egungun and Oro societies. 

Obara Irosun is the odu that governs the descent of Egbe Orun from heaven to earth.

Okanran Otura is the odu which taught us that the mouth under the name Olubobotiribo is an orisa. 

Osa Ogunda is the odu where the worship of Oya began.

Oturupon Ika is the Odu where Orisa Aje (wealth) descended to earth. 

Ose Oyeku is the odu of Cheiftancy Titles.

These are just a fraction of the power of the individual odu we as babalawo work with on a regular basis.

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