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The story of "Eden" in the Judeo-Christian canon is a myth stolen from Kemet

The story of "Eden" in the Judeo-Christian canon is a myth stolen from Kemet.

The Kemetic belief in a paradise origin of man (what they called the Ausarian Age) is based on their cultural memory of an earlier time that human civilization was living in harmonious prosperity, equality, and war was non-existent.

This period of mankind's history is real, and occurred in prehistoric Africa. Approximately 10,000 years ago, the city of Ifé was the center of a large federation of the 401 nations in Africa that agreed upon total peace and total equality.

Peace and true equality brings stable prosperity.

This peace was only broken when the United Kingdom of Kemet was established around 3100 bce as a national fort to defend Africa from the increasing hordes of Asiatic barbarians that were trying to enter Africa thru the Sinai.

However, the rest of Africa outside of Kush and Kemet maintained the total peace agreement for 2,300 more years. This period of total peace and equality in Africa between 8,000 bc-800 bc was called the Obatala Age.

It is the basis for the Kemetic myth of the Ausarian Age, which became the prototype for the Eden of the Judeo-Christian canon.

The end of the Obatala Age in West-Central Africa was the introduction of militaries by the Kushites in the 8th-century bce, who sought to train African armies to defeat the rising of Asiatic Assyrian expansion trying to enter Africa via Kemet.

The founder of the last Ifé Dynasty, Oduduwa, was one such West African elit

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