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Types of Ẹbọ Riru (Sacrifice)

Ẹbọ is of the essence of the Ifá religion or let me say Yoruba religion as it is of every religion of the world has ever known.

Unless we want to run away from the fact, every religion offers Ẹbọ to the Supreme Being one way or the other. 

For example, the Muslims go on 30-days fasting, and after, they offer a ram as a sacrifice (ẹbọ). 

The Christians also offer Chicken whenever it is Christmas. 

These are all forms of Ẹbọ whether we like it or not.

This is to say Ẹbọ is primarily a means of contact or communion between man and deity.

The hallmark of why we offer ẹbọ is to solve our problems spiritually and to keep strong communication with the deities.

However, Ẹbọ is of two sections, the first is the Ire (goodness) section and the second is the Ibi (section).

The Ire section is all about those Ẹbọ to be done respectively when Ifá foresees any kind of ire (positivity) for you and the Ibi section advises you on the Ẹbọ to be done when Ifá foresees any kind of negativity for you.

Both of these sections make up the various types of Ẹbọ we have.

As for this write-up, you will by the end be familiar with the different types of Ẹbọ and their most likely items to be prescribed as Ẹbọ by the Ifá through the Babaláwo, the mouthpiece.

Ire Section

. Ẹbọ Àìkú (Ẹbọ for longevity)

This is the type of Ẹbọ that ensures one will not die untimely. It is the first asked in the “ire section” by the Babaláwo in the process of Ifá consultation and it is asked using a bone as the determinant .
If Ifá says it foresees ire Àìkú for you but for the ire àìkú to be yours, you have to make Ẹbọ. 

This is the type you probably make.
What are the items for Ẹbọ Àìkù? The possible items or materials to be used for this type of Ẹbọ are; Rooster, He-goat, Kola nuts, Bitter kola, Ram, and Money.

. Ẹbọ Ajé (Wealth)

Everybody wants to be financially wealthy and I see no problem with that. I can’t imagine the smile on your face when ifá foresees Ire Aje (wealth) for you during consultation which happens to be the second asked in the “Ire section”.

Ẹbọ Ajé is to ensure that the foreseen wealth by Ifá comes to pass with the shortest period of time and to ensure the elimination of hindrance(s) that could block it. It is asked using cowry as the determinant.

Ẹbọ Ajé items? 

It items could be, Pigeon, Guinea fowl, Honey, Bean cakes, Kola nuts, Money.

. Ẹbọ Ọmọ (Children)

This is a type of Ẹbọ made for child/ren blessings. This Ẹbọ is mostly done for barren women who are looking up to the Supreme Being for such blessing.

Ire Ọmọ is the third in the “ire section” and it is asked by using Ayò (physical nut) or Àgbálùmọ̀ seeds (African Star Apple) determinants.

Ẹbọ Ọmọ Items are: 

Rat, Fish, Goat, Ewe, Kola nuts, Bitter-Kola, and Money.

. Ẹbọ Aya/Ọkọ (Wife/Husband)

Getting a compatible and fruitful spouse these days can be difficult, be grateful to your Orí (stars) if Ifá foresees Ire Aya (wife) or (Ọkọ) for you the fourth in the “ire section”

This type is determined by using cowry or any seed as

determinants .

This type is done popularly for those who are unfortunate of having a life partner or experiencing difficulty in their marital life.

Ẹbọ Aya/Ọkọ Items are

Hen (Aya), Rooster (Oko), She-goat (Aya), He-goat (Oko), Ewe (Aya), Kola nuts, Bitter kola.

. Ẹbọ Ìsẹ́gun (Victory)

This type of ẹbọ is done to be victorious over adversaries.

This is determined by using the bone determinant and the following are likely to be the ẹbọ materials

Ẹbọ Ìsẹ́gun items: 

Rooster, He-goat, Ram, Bitter kola, Kola nut, and Money

. Ẹbọ Ìbùjókòó (Settlement)

This is the type of Ẹbọ done for those seeking a peaceful and rewarding place to live or stay. 

For example, if a woman is experiencing difficulty in every relationship she finds herself whereby she is jilted all the time, this Ẹbọ is done for such a woman.

It is also done for a person who wants to relocate so as for such a place to be lasting rewarding. Ọta (stones) or Physical nut is used as a determinant.

Ẹbọ Ìbùjókòó Items are

Snail, Fish, Rat, Guinea-fowl, Kola nut, Bitter kola, Money.

. Ẹbọ Ìrọ̀rùn (Peace of Mind)

Nothing feels better than having peace of mind which makes this type of ẹbọ important to everyone of us.

Just as the name implies, it is the type made for people who want peace of mind. I want peace of mind and I believe you also do.

This type could be determined by using cowry, seashell as a determinant.

Ẹbọ Ìrọ̀rùn Items are :

 Snail, Guinea fowl, Assorted food, Duck, Bananas, and Money.

. Ẹbọ Ìgbéga (Progress)

Progress shall be yours. Did you say Àṣe to that? If not, you should claim it.

For progress in your business, family, work, in all endeavors, this ẹbọ is prescribed to achieve all of that. That means you getting all of that in only one package.

Whenever ifá foresees and prescribe this type of ẹbọ, it is pertinent and in the best interest of you to make the ẹbọ without second thought.

Ẹbọ Ìgbéga Items are

Pigeon, Duck, Food, Kola nuts, Bitter Kola, Guinea fowl, and Money.

. Ẹbọ Ìfà (free gift)

Whomever Ifá foresees ire ìfà for is to get prepared for upcoming free gifts coming from nooks and crannies. 

This also means you should make ẹbọ so as to receive these free gifts as promised by Ifá.

Ẹbọ Ìfà Items are :

 Pigeon, Duck, Food, Kola nut, Bitter kola, Guinea fowl and Money.

. Ẹbọ Èyẹ (Honor)

Ẹbọ Èyẹ is done in order to be a well-respected personality in the community or wherever one finds oneself. 

Never will you be humiliated when Ifá advises you to make this ẹbọ. It is asked by using the cowry determinant most especially.

Ẹbọ Èyẹ Items are: 

Pigeon, Duck, Food, Kola nut, Bitter kola, Guinea fowl and Money.

Ẹbọ Ìdẹ̀ra (Convenience)

This is the type under the Ire section that is done for convenience in one’s endeavors. It is determined by using the cowry or Seashell determinants.

Ẹbọ Ìdẹ̀ra Items are : 

Guinea fowl, Snail, Pig, and Money.

Ẹbọ Oyè (Chieftaincy)

When Ifá foresees this, then a position of high status is coming your way but advises to make ẹbọ for such position to be yours and to be attained with ease which brings us to this type of ẹbọ.

Most of the Arabas, Oluwos, Iyalodes, Yeyes even managers, supervisors to mention a very few must have been alerted by Ifá with this type of ẹbọ made probably before attaining such titles.

I can remember before my dad became an Akoda, he was told earlier by Ifa during a consultation and the ebo was made that time. 3 months later, boom! he was given the title.

Ẹbọ Oyè Items are: 

Horsetail/Cowtail, Pigeon, Foods, drinks, and Money.

IBI Section

1. Ẹbọ Ikú (Death)

Everybody fears death, even saying the word “death” is fearful enough. I don’t blame those who use several euphemisms in replace of the scary word.

Whenever Ifá foresees death, it should be on your top list to make ẹbọ without turning a deaf ear.

This is not to say you will die in the next few days or a year but an impending death is approaching and this ẹbọ is to be made to ward off such untimely death.

This type is similar to that of the ẹbọ Àìkú because both talks about death. The difference between the two is that, Àìkú talks about longevity, and the latter talks about approaching death.

This type is also determined by using bone determinant.

Ẹbọ Ikú Items are : 

Rooster, He-goat, Kola nut, Bitter kola, and money

. Ẹbọ Àrùn (Afflictions)

This is the type that is done to avert affliction battling with the client or a coming one. Afflictions are of different folds.

It could be Àrùn ara (Disease or virus), Àrùn owó (lack of money) among others. The cowry determinant is used for this.

Ẹbọ Àrùn Items are

Rooster, He-goat, Ram, Kola nut, Bitter kola, and Money.

. Ẹbọ Ofo (Loss)

This type of ẹbọ is done to avert loss or anything related to it.

Loss could be that of loved ones, jobs, businesses to mention a few. The broken plate determinant is used to determine this ẹbọ.

Ẹbọ Òfò Items are:

 Rooster, He-goat, Kola nut, Bitter kola, and Money

. Ẹbọ Ẹjọ́ (Contention)

Ẹbọ Ẹjọ́ is done when the client finds himself in contention with anybody whatsoever.

It is also done in order to nullify that of the nearest future. A person whom Ifá foresees Ẹjọ́ should make ẹbọ with the following.

Ẹbọ Ẹ̀jọ́ Items are

Rooster, He-goat, Kola nut, Bitter kola, and Money

. Ẹbọ Ìjà (Quarrel)

Adversaries are never predictable. They can do and undo. That is why this ẹbọ is meant for you to be victorious over them. 

It the type of that blocks and defeats mostly enemies from getting to you.
Whenever Ifá foresees Ìjà for you, that means in due time there will be quarrel for you one way or the other and you have to keep the following in place for solution.

Ẹbọ Ìjà (Quarrel) items

Rooster, He-goat, Kola nut, Bitter kola, and money

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