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According to ifa and orisha spirituality, there are three types of iyami aje (witches) energy available in the world. They are Aje dudu (black witch energy), Aje pupa (red witch energy) and Aje funfun (white witch energy) I will explain each below. 

AJE DUDU (BLACK WITCHES): Witches in this category are usually a not progressive one, they have mysterious power, but Olodumare (GOD) doesn’t give them power to kill.  They can only punish or make human being to suffer. They can prevent human being from attaining desire success. Like causing their victims delay marriage, infertility, lack of promotion in work and business, causing their victims sickness etc.  The members of aje dudu are predominantly females, hardly can you find any male in this catageory type. They account for 50 percent of iyaami aje cult world wide.

AJE PUPA (RED WITCHES): This category of witches are most dangerous.  They have power to kill, drink blood and eat flesh. They punish their victims and give no room for forgiveness even up to their own children. Membership can be both male . But females are the great majority of the clan. They account for 30 percent of iyaami aje cult world wide.

AJE FUNFUN (WHITE WITCHES): This third type of witches are actually very good witches. They are called Aje olomon tabi Aje alabiyamo (witches who protect her children). Those who possess aje funfun don’t kill, they don’t drink blood or eat flesh. They use their energy to bring 

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