Saturday, July 1, 2023

University in the United States where you can study Yoruba

Below is a list of some universities in the United

States that currently offer Yoruba language.

1. Boston University
2. Cornell University
3. Georgia Southern University
4. Howard University
5. Hunter College
6. Indiana University
7. Lincoln University

8. Michigan State University
9. Ohio State University
10. Rutgers University
11. Tulane University
12. University of California, Berkeley
13. University of California, San Diego
14. University of Florida, Gainesville
15. University of Georgia, Athens
16. University of Iowa

17.. University of Pennsylvania
18. University of Wisconsin-Madison
19. Wilberforce University, Ohio
20. Yale University

And in the Caribbean the University of the West Indies  (  UWI) Trinidad and Tobago Campus at St Augustine addition by Avery Ammon

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