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ÀMÙ - Listen to the words of wisdom from the Ifá corpus called IDINKA


May your life be comfortable like water in the local pot (AMU). Seek comfort when things are turning upside. 

Listen to the words of wisdom from the Ifá corpus called IDINKA.

Idin kara a
Awo Amu lo difafun Amu
Igbati tó n fi omi ojú se ibeere ire.
Ebo ni Awo pé kí ó mu se
O si gbébọ lópòlopò o rúbọ
Ẹ bá wá omi fún Amu kí o mu
Ongbe omi mòmò ní n gbe Amu
Ẹ bá wá omi fún Amu ko mu.


Idinkaraa (Priest)
Priest of Amu (where water was being preserved in the past) cast divination for Amu
When she was crying of not having wealth
She was instructed to perform sacrifice
She perform the sacrifice.
Let's get water for Amu to drink
Amu is thirsty

Let's get water for Amu to drink.


Amu was suffering and living in abject poverty. There was no help from anyone. She went to consult Ifá. She could become comfortable and prosperous in life, was why she consulted Ifá.

The Ifá Priests advised Amu to perform sacrifice that she would no longer suffer. She would be living a peaceful and prosperous life. They told Amu that she would not be found wanting of water again.

Amu performed all the necessary sacrifices recommended for her. After the sacrifice, people remember the value of Amu. They begin to preserve water inside Amu. Amu was living in comfort.  She was not thirsting again. Both men and women are fetching water to Amu.

Amu was highly blessed and she became very happy.

Good evening, Universe 😍🥰
Òrìsà will bring comfort to your door step.

Aboru abọye o


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