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AŞĘTA_Is one of ifá's numerous spiritual fortification🤲🍃.

Àkóşe Aşęta_For conquering enemies and afflictions (Ajogun).

Aşęta is a crucial spiritual fortification to get done if you are in any problem or not, simply because it works to overcome all our enemies and afflictions(Ajogun).

Everyone have enemies either spiritually or physically based , they inflict people with death,sickness,poverty,and sometimes turn good things to bad (Ajogun). They can split families,turn a happy home🏠into an agony infested one.

This is why we need Aşęta in our lives. There are different types of Aşęta in Ifá spirituality that work effectively and also made with different materials unique to each depending on the situation at hand .

May Olódùmarè continue to protect and guide us from all kinds of enemies (Òtá) and afflictions(Ajogun).

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