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Effects of Changing your Ancestral Name on you

Effects of Changing your Ancestral Name on you

This is becoming a virus this day when someone from somewhere decides to change his name from his ancestral name all because his/her new found religion lies that your ancestral Name is bad. 

Have seen people change their ancestral name like OSUNfunmi  ,esubbiyi to Jesufunmi, Jesubiyi. 

The truth is that you are a bastard if you are one of those who are doing such act. 

Some religion hypnotize their followers to think they ancestral name is a curse. 

The truth is that Yoruba Culture is more advance than the present day science, science itself has not catch up with it. 

When you change your name, you only cause more trouble for yourself. Each Family has a unique DNA and some secrets lock within which make us unique as a Family. Changing your name would not  change your DNA. 

There is this spiritual aura that is attached to each Family's Name, changing your name would only make you a defect of this. 

Your ancestors would be disappointed in you for changing Name, the chain of continuity would break as your roots of identity is cut off. 

Your ancestors work earnestly for your survival in the physical world would be prompt to stop helping you. 

You won't be fit for any royal or cultural post or any post where your lineage would be praise in oriki. 

Lastly you are packing a Heavy bag of trouble for the next children as they would be lost. No history and no where to trace their DNA to unless they reconcile in the spiritual. 

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