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Elegun in Isese

Elégùn in Ìṣẹ̀ṣe are those who are spiritually and permanently possessed by the Òrìsà. 

The Òrìsà could be Yemoja, Obatala, Sango, Esu, Òsun and so on. 

This medium allow them to give advises and spiritual help to people that are around them that time. Ègùn comes in different ways.  

Òrìsà can possessed elégùn in the process of singing òrìsà songs, listening to different òrìsà drums, chanting oríkì(praise poetry) for different òrìsà, which is why it is important for all Olórìsà(Orisa devotees) to learn and master oríkì for all Òrìsà. 

In some ways, some elégùn must not hear the scratch of the pot, pour water on them with their consent, you must not clap near their ears, they must not pay full attention when drumming to praise the Òrìsà of their head(guardian Òrìsà).

 It can make the Òrìsà possess them and whenever the Òrìsà mount them, they must appease to the Òrìsà of their head(guardian Òrìsà) to calm them down. 

Eepa gbogbo Òrìsà!!!

N B: Ẹ̀gùn Òrìṣà is different from the Cele and C&S own(trance). 

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