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Few list of ORISA and Characteristics


Orunmila - spirit of wisdom, divination, destiny, and foresight

Ori - personification of one's spiritual intuition and destiny

Àwọn òrìṣà ọkùnrin (male orishas)

Aganjú - orisha that was a warrior king, walked with a sword as a staff, and is associated with fire. He is not associated with volcanoes in Yorùbáland in West Africa, contrary to what is believed in Cuban-style practice of orisa.

Agemo - the chameleon servant of the supreme god Olorun.

Ọbalúayé - orisha of the Earth and strongly associated with infectious disease and healing

Erinlẹ̀ - an elephant hunter and physician to the gods

Èṣù - Èṣù is the orisha of crossroads, duality, beginnings and balance

Ibeji - twin orisha of vitality and youth
Lógunẹ̀dẹ - a warrior and hunter

Ọbàtálá - creator of human bodies; orisha of light, spiritual purity, and moral uprightness

Odùduwà - progenitor orisha of the Yorubas

Ògún - orisha who presides over iron, fire, hunting, agriculture and war

Okó - a hunter and farmer
Osanyin - orisha of the forest, herbs and medicine

Oṣùmàrè - divine rainbow serpent associated with creation and procreation

Ọ̀ṣọ́ọ̀sì - orisha of the hunt, forest, strategy and of the knowledge

Ṣàngó - orisha of the thunders and lightnings

Akògún - a warrior and hunter, wear straw
Àwọn òrìṣà Obinrin (Female Orishas)

Ajé - orisha of wealth

Ayao - orisha of air

Yewa - orisha of the Yewa River . Also associated with cemeteries, dreams, virginity, clarity and magic as well as the patron deity over abused or abandoned children and the initiator of change. She is Oya’s younger sister and brings the souls of the dead to her.

Nàná Bùkùú - orisha of the river and of the earth

Ọbà - first wife of Ṣàngó and orisha of domesticity and marriage

Ọtìn - orisha of the river Otín , she is hunter and wife of Erinlẹ̀

Olókun - orisha of the seas

Ọ̀ṣun - orisha who presides over love, intimacy, beauty, wealth, diplomacy and of the Ọ̀ṣun river

Ọya - orisha of the Niger River; associated with wind, lightning, fertility, fire, and magic. Oya is thought to be the offspring of the prehistoric god Obatala and his wife Yemoja. Oya is linked to acts of creation and fertility, perhaps in acknowledgment of the vital role that water plays in the survival of plants, animals, and people. In addition to taking the essential herbs indicated by the Babalawo, women who seek to become pregnant could also be instructed to offer food and beverages as sacrifices to Oya on a riverbank.

Yemọja - a mother goddess ; patron deity of women and of the
Ogun river

Yemowo - wife of Ọbàtálá and of the water. Said to be the original form of most female orishas i.e. Yemoja, Oshun, Yewa, etc.

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