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from ODU Okanran Ogunda

Okanran Ogunda

Eni owo nya fun ire ni Ogun igbee ojo ija

Eniyan ti ko le ja, ti ko le soro

ko nii le gbe ninu aye pe

Ija nsola; ija nse iyi

A difa Ogungbemi

Won ni bi ko tile nii finran

nigbakigba ti ija ba de sii

Ki o ma maa sa o

Alagbara ni o ni aye

Kosi eniti t'o je buyin fun ole

Akin ni o ni aye

won kii bu ola fun ojo

won niki o wa rubo

Ki iye inu ma ra ati ara lile


One who stands ready to act for the good
is supported by Ogun on the day of battle,
A person who cannot fight or talk does not live long on earth
Struggle brings respect; struggle brings honor,
This was the teaching of Ifa for Ogungbemi,
They said that even if he does not provoke it,
Whenever the fight comes to him,
He should not run away from it.
It is the powerful who have control of the world
No one respects the passive person

It is the courageous who lay claim to the world, 
People do not give consideration to the coward
He was asked to sacrifice.
So that his internal strength would not perish
and his body would remain sound.

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