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IFA cult chieftancy and ranks

IFA cult chieftancy and ranks 

The lfa cult is one of the best organized cults among the Yoruba. 

At the head of the cult is the Araba who is the supreme high priest of a very large area which sometimes covers an  entire district with many towns and villages. 

After the Araba comes the 0luwo, who is the Ifa high priest for a particular city or community. 

From the Araba downwards there are 
altogether sixteen major chiefs of lfa. 

The following are the sixteen most important Ifa priests in an area.

1 Araba

2 Oluwo 

3 Ojugbona 

4 Akoda

5 Aseda

6 Erimin

7 Aransan 

8 Balesin 

9 OtUn Awo 

10 Osi Awo 

11 Ekejo Awo 

12 Alara

13 AJero 

14 Owarangun

15 Obaleyo

16 Agbongbon

There are however, many other minor chiefs responsible for the Ifa cult in very small communities. 

Furthermore every Oluwo has his own retinue of sixteen chiefs who assist him in 
administering the cult in his own area. 

Sometimes a chief subsidiary to the 0luwo also has under himself a number of  chiefs responsible for minor duties such as settling disputes among cult members. 

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