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IFA speaks on Homosexuality

For the avoidance of doubt, Ifa states three stanzas to make the position of Ifa clear on this controversial issue.

First is ofun-irete where ifa says :

-It is better for a man to make love to a woman and vice versa, it is more enjoyable.

-Same sex love making can only lead to diseases and frustrations.

- It is the only way child bearing can take place

This equally means that Olodumare, whose speech is ifa deliberately made heterosexual live making pleasurable in order to remove inhibitions from the path of making babies. 

The plan of Olodumare is for human beings to mutiny In this world. Same sex relationship are to hinder the multiplication of human race.

Furthermore in a stanza of iwori -odi Ifa says:

- Anyone casting sheep glance at another person of the same sex can never be regarded a good awo.

 For such a person to look at the genitals of another person of the same sex is even worse.

- Engaging in same sex love making is an exercise in futility.

The implication of this is that anyone practicing homosexuality or lesbianism, if an Iyanifa, Iyalorisa, Babalawo or Babalorisa is not regarded to be a decent or good person or practitioner. 

Why then anyone who truly believes in Olodumare and the divinities engage in an exercise in futility?

We are all followers of the divinities.

 We are in a privilege position that is certainly the envy of others, with that position comes great responsibility. 

We follow the footsteps of the divinities. If this is true, which it is, then who among the divinities practice same gender love when they were on earth? 

Which part of their love lives are we emulating which slightly suggested same sex relationship? None!!!

Some lesbians and homosexual class that they had told their Oluwo in Yorubaland and that their Oluwo told them that Ifa is silent on the issue. I really doubt if there is such a babalawo who will make such statement anywhere.

If there is however, we use this medium other than Ifa to stop deceiving people by giving them false hope.

Lesbians and homosexuals have no place in traditional Ifa!. ..

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