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Importance of the human factor in the success of a sacrifice

Importance of the human factor in the success of a sacrifice

The part played by human beings in making sacrifices successful is not underrated in Ifa texts. 

That is why during the offering of any sacrifice, people are invited to the shrine of the god to whom sacrifice is being made to watch the offering of the sacrifice and to eat part of the food used for the sacrifice. 

The ese ifa given in full below emphasizes the importance of the human factor in the success of a sacrifice. 

The story is that of a farmer who wanted to go and take possession of a piece of farmland. 

He was warned to make sacrifice to Ori 
(Head), Earth, Eegun (Ancestor god) and Orisanla (Creation god). 

He offered the sacrifice but he did not call his neighbours to take part in the sacrifice. 

He discovered later on that things were not all right for him on his farm. He then went back to his Ifa priests and told them his plight. 

His lfa priests asked him whether he offered all the required sacrifice and be answered in the affirmative. 

But when they asked him whether he made sacrifice to Olubobotiribo, baba ebo, he said that he did not know what was so called. 

Then his Ifa priests told him that 
people's mouths are meant by the term Olubobotiribo , baba ebo. The lfa priests then said:

What is it that we worship at Ife? 

Their mouths. 

It is their mouths that we worship at Ife. 

Their mouths. 

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