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Aje Shaluga is the god of Wealth, and confers riches on his worshippers. 

The name appears to mean either "the gainer who makes to recur," or "the sorcerer who makes to recur." (Aje , sorcerer; aje, earner, or gainer, and shalu , to recur.) His emblem is a large cowry.

 One proverb says, "Aje Shaluga often passes by the first caravan as it comes to the market, and loads the last with benefits;" and another, "He who while walking finds a cowry is favoured by Aje Shaluga." 

The large cowry, emblematic of Aje Shaluga, has no value as. a medium of exchange, the small white cowries being alone used for that purpose. 

He is the patron of dyes and of colours generally. He came from the body of Yemaja.

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