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Significant of IFA in Yoruba pantheon

Without Ifa, the importance of the other Yoruba gods would dimi�nish. 

If a man is being punished by the other gods, he can only know this by consulting lfa. 

If a community is to make sacrifice to 
one of its gods, it can only know this by consulting Ifa. 

So that in this way, Ifa is the only active mouthpiece of Yoruba traditional  religion taken as a whole. 

As a mouthpiece, Ifa serves to popularize 
the other Yoruba gods; he serves to ini.mortalize them.

With his great wisdom, knowledge and understanding, Ifa co-ordinates the work of all the gods in the Y oruba pantheon. 

He serves as a 'middleman' between the other gods and the people, and between the people and their ancestors.

 'He is the mouthpiece and the publie relations officer of all the other Yoruba gods.'

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