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The Mejiro Cave

The Mejiro Cave was an enclave for Majiro, a goddess worshipped by the Nupe people that were resident in the old capital city among the Oyo people. 

The powers of Majiro were invoked mainly for security and protection at that time.

It was established that the Nupes would not reveal the secret behind the powers of Majiro to non-Nupes. 

This led Oranyan to marry a Nupe woman who eventually had a child named Sango for him.

Through his Nupe’s blood, Sango possessed the powers of Mejiro which bestowed him with magical powers to conjure thunder and fire at will while alive.

It was a taboo for ordinary eyes to see the Mejiro goddess and as a result of that, it was kept in the cave where only authorized persons could have access to it. 

The cave is located in Oyo-Ile Range of the Park among other relics of the ancient Oyo Empire.

Source: Old OYO park on twitter 

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