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What does Yoruba means by Akosejaye (The Predestination)

What does Yoruba means by Akosejaye (The Predestination)

Predestination  refers to the belief that some things are already fated or predetermined,and cannot be changed.

Akosejaye is the culture practicing in Yoruba land ( western part of Nigeria) is the way to trace or predict. the predestination, destiny and fate of a new born baby

Yan eyi ti o yan ki o yan ikan ,
difafun Orunmila ifa yio yan ipin Nile Olodunmare…..

This verse makes it clear to us About Ipin,


Akosejaye,and so on…

The concept of predestination is closely tied to the concept of Ayanmo, which means destiny or fate…

Ayanmo comes either good or bad…

May Olodunmare yan Ayanmo ire mo wa

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