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Wisdom from Sacred ODU IFA ODI MEJI

The advice from Ifá according to the sacred Odu of Odi Meji is a timeless wisdom that all married women or those considering marriage should take to heart.

 While physical beauty may be celebrated and admired, it is the inner qualities and character of a person that truly shape the success of a marriage.

'Ojú l'ojú dígí 
Ọyàn lọyàn Ọsàn 
Ìdí ròdòrodo ni ìdí á kó Ìlẹ̀kẹ̀ sí 
Dífá fún Ìyàwó-òròrò tí ń lọ sílé ọkọ àárọ̀
Ìyàwó mori lọ, 
Kí ó mọ́n mẹ́wà lọ 
Òójọ́ lẹwà ń bọ̀, 
Orí níí báni gbélé Ọkọ'

A woman reffered to as Ìyàwó-òròrò was the one who requested for an Ifa divination as she was planning to get married. 

According to the messages revealed, Ifa enlightened her to please focus not on her beauty but her characters. 

Furthermore, that a partner with a strong trials that come with any marriage.

To every married/woman seeking for marriage, please note that while physical beauty may initially attract attentions, it is the inner beauty of character that sustains a peaceful, fulfilling, and long-lasting relationship.

character is more likely to handle challenges and difficulties with grace, maintain emotional stability, and contribute positively to the relationship. 

In contrast, relying solely on physical appearance may lead to shallow connections and difficulties in facing the inevitable .

Prioritizing good character will pave the way for a strong and loving marriage. 

Ifarotimi A. Adegoke

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