Thursday, August 31, 2023

Yoruba Word for Prayer

Yoruba word for prayer is "Iwure" or " isure" depending  on Yoruba accent..

Yoruba philosophy  of prayer is different Abrahamhic  philosophy  of prayer.

In the circle  of educated  Traditionalists,  they use "Iwure" not "adura" , in Yoruba Mosques  and Churches they dont use "iwure" but "adura" .

Adura is not a Yoruba word , the word came

adura"  came with Islam from the Arabic word Al-dua .

The word Ase isn't equivalent to Amen.

Ase is on a different level. Amen means "so be it" . People who translated the English Bible to Yoruba,  transliterated the word" Amen "to "Amin"

Ase is power.. 
Opa Ase,
Ase Oba

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