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A lesson from Odu Ogunda Meji


 Odu: Ogunda Meji: 

 Two men went to consult Ifa on how they can have a meaningful life. Their names are Onírèsé Ile and Onírèsé oko. The Odu that was revealed to them was Ogunda meji. 

 The Babalawo explained the message of Ifa to them that they should not focus on money, all they needed to focus on is how they will give birth to lot of children, because child bearing is their way to success.

. Onírèsé Oko complied and he started giving birth to children while Onírèsé ile did not listen to Babalawo’s advice and he kept working and making money During their yearly festival, Onírèsé ile will dress gorgeously while Onírèsé oko, that listened to the word of Ifa, and his children will dress in rags to the yearly festival.

 Onírèsé ilé will start singing to abuse Onírèsé oko: Onírèsé o Ire dé Òkò Ìrèsé ò iré dé Onírèsé Aso re da? Òkò Ìrèsé Aso l’ewà eni Onírèsé blessings has come Oko Ìrèsé blessings has come Onírèsé where are your clothes? òkò Ìrèsé cloth is the beauty of life.  

Onírèsé oko and his children will always leave the party in shame and humiliation. This disgrace went on for years, when Onírèsé oko’s children started growing up to be adults, the two men (Onírèsé ile and Onírèsé oko) were already growing old. Onírèsé Ile could not work like he used to work in the past. 

 All his clothes were already turning to rags, since he didn’t have the strength to work and had no money to buy new cloths.

 Onírèsé oko’s children had started working in different fields of life and they started earning a lot of money to take good care of their parents. 

 Another yearly festival was approaching. The children of Onírèsé oko were discussing what to do for their father. 

Some suggested that they should buy a beautiful horse for their father to ride to the festival on, while some suggested they get a beautiful carrier to carry him to the festival.

 As they were discussing what to do, their oldest brother said they won’t get a horse nor get a carrier. He said they will all carry their father in their palms to the festival, because they want people to know that their father has responsible children. And they all decided to get alot of the best of the best cloth for their father to wear to the festival. 

 He will be changing his cloth every hour…! On the festival day, Onírèsé ile wore one of his old clothes to the festival since he could not afford to buy new clothes.

 As the children of Onírèsé oko were carrying their father to the festival, people thought it was a king coming but to their surprise, it was Onírèsé oko. As they got to the festival, they dropped off Onírèsé oko and he pleaded to everyone that he wished to sing. 

The song goes thus: Onírèsé o iré dé Òkò Ìrèsé o iré dé Onírèsé omo re dà o Òkò Ìrèsé omo l’ewà eni Onírèsé blessings have come Òkò Ìrèsé blessings have come Onírèsé where are your children? Oko Ìrèsé children are the beauty of life. Onírèsé Ile left the festival in big shame while Onírèsé Oko lived the rest of his life in joy, happiness and peace of mind.

 For those who are buying cloths instead of taking care of children, remember cloth will surely fade away, but our children will continue to carry on our legacy.

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