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Obatala obatarisa
(obatala , the king like divinity)

Oba pata pata tin be lode iranje
(the great and magnanimous king who lives in the city of iranje)

Alagbede orun
(the blacksmith and the ornament maker of the heaven)

Mori mori tii mori omo were
(the one that molds the heads of the little children)

Mogba mogba ti dabobo agbalagba
(the great and ancient of days that protects the adults and the old)

Irinwo irunmole e wa ba mi se
(in numerous divinities and uncountable deities come and partake with us)

E wa ba mi se temi loni
(come and give life , support and blessing to me today)

Igba imole e wa ba mi se
(two hundred divinities come and take absolute control and support my mission today)

E ba ba mi se temi loni
(sworn into action and lift me up above all daily challenges)

Irinwo irunmole e wa gbe mi leke isoro
(four hundred divinities come to my aid and lift me up above daily challenges)

Igba imole lo ni wa saye lati se aye re
(numerous deities that dwell in the universe should bless the whole universe including me)

Ase ire

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