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Difference between dream and death



Difference between dream and death 

Dream and death are siblings. We sleep to awake to physical life, it is called a dream state which is pure illusion, and we sleep to go to another realm of existence what is called a death state. 

As Awo, you do not need to fear the two, because they are natural phenomenons that transmit certain spiritual frequencies back to physical life of existence. 

Both ways are extraordinary mechanism to control the physical state and to show us that certain higher vibrations are working to preserve the entity and the natural energy in the cosmos. 

The manifestation of these two extreme cases, are the products of divine knowledge and wisdom in our path to understanding of spiritual power in the cosmos.

Dreams are really extensive spiritual link between a man of wisdom called Awo and GOD through his numerous divinities. 

Be cautious when you do not remember your dreams, seek the help of a good Babalawo to help you retrace your step back to light, ITU NLA NI ILE AWO. The dream state and death are the home of a wise man. 

A wise man depend on his dreams to know what is going to happen to him tomorrow in the future, and that kind of power is spiritual and essential to spiritual growth and divine consciousness. 

When you dream seeing certain energy forcing down and disturb you not to wake up means you need to initiate your body and your soul to move away from the hand of Ajogun, the punitive Knight of heavenly doom.

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