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Different powers of Iyaami Aje

According to the Yoruba, some of the different powers that the Iyaami Aje (so-called witches) possess are:

1) "Agogo Enu- The power of the tongue. Importunity is a trait of an Iyaami. An Iyaami never forgets the unpleasant things people have done to them and no matter how much good the individual has done, it is only spiritual intervention that can remedy the situation". Lots of pleading with Spiritual medicines (akose) can be one of prescriptions. 

2) Awopa Aje- "Fixing the eyes on someone without blinking for long periods of time. 
Her gaze can penetrate a person's blood, intestines, liver, any inner part.
She can see into the future of the victim, whether good or bad. 
She has the power to alter the person's future". 

3) Ofo Aje Nina- "The Aje can shoot a spiritual arrow against someone. She can shoot an arrow from anywhere. Thats how she can mark a person.
That's why the Yoruba believe that presence or absence is immaterial when it comes to spiritual attack from these mysterious spiritual beings". 

4) Igba Iwa- “The sacred calabash that contains the sacred bird that is the symbol of Iyaami power. 
Each member of the cult must have a bird housed in the sacred calabash. When the bird flies away it, the Eleye, is believed to materialize in the bird, going to a meeting or dealing with a victim". 

5)"Ase- is known as the vital life force behind the Universe.
Àṣẹ Is the absolute authority that has the touch of the divine and it must be used with discretion". 

6) "Omosu Aje- this power lies in the vagina of a woman. 
If  a man offends the woman who has the power of Aje, she can use it to fight him”.

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