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Èèwò (TABOOS) What is TABOO?

Èèwò: TABOOS What is TABOO? 

Taboo simply means something you should not do because it has grave repercussions. 

"A taboo is an implicit prohibition on something (usually against an utterance or behavior) based on a cultural sense that it is excessively repulsive or, perhaps, too sacred for ordinary people. Such prohibitions are present in virtually all societies". 

Taboo is of two different types, general and personal taboos. General taboos are the ones that cover all the society, compound or family. 

While personal taboos are the ones for individual being. Eewọ (taboo) is very powerful and have no respect for anyone, it spares no one who eat it or do it. 

Some people are not as prosperous as they want because they are not observing their personal taboos. 

They are eating food they suppose to avoid. They are wearing cloth they suppose to throw away. 

They are associating with friends they suppose to avoid. 

Doing all what you should avoid is a major actor that hinder progress and development in life. 

In Ifá corpus Ogunda-Kanran, Ifá explain to us that we should be worry of taboos. 

Babaláwo ní má ń se bí ojo-bí-ojo Oníṣègùn ní má n se bí àìgbọlọ̀ràn bí àìgbọlọ̀ràn Àìgbọlọ̀ràn Oníṣègùn níí mú ogun ja ìlú Bí ogun bá ja ìlú Babalawo níí gbọ́, babalawo níí dáfá rere fún wọn. 

Dífáfún Ọlọ́bà-abẹ̀dú, Ọmọ Ayínkíníbọmọ lẹ́nu Èyí tí wọn ní kó rúbo kó máa bá se jẹ ÈÈWỌ̀. Ó kọtí ọ̀gbọnhìn ṣẹbọ Ǹjẹ́ kíni bawon jà bíi ìsẹrimogun, ÀÌMỌ-ÈÈWỌ Ini bawon jà bíi ìsẹrimogun. 

TRANSLATION Babalawo are ones that do like fidgeters Oníṣègùn are ones that do like I-know-it-all I-know-it-all of Oníṣègùn brings war to the society If war break out in town, 
it is Babalawo they will run to to divine for them. 

Cast divination for Ọlọ́bà-abẹ̀dú, the offspring of Ayínkíníbọmọlẹ́nu Who was informed to perform sacrifice to prevent him from eating TABOOS He didn't perform the sacrifice as he was instructed Alas! See how TABOO is affecting the life of Ọlọba like one in war front... 

This Ifá verse, makes it compulsory for us to know our taboos and warn us to be worry of taboos. How can you know your taboos? You can know your taboos during Ifá initiation and Ifa consultation. 

This is why initiation to Ifá is very important to everyone. Aìwáyé kíá má ní èèwò t'ẹni. In conclusion, know your taboos and if you have known your taboos don't break it. 

Èèwò is not something to joke with. It may not kill you immediately but it will continue to affect your way of life negatively

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