Friday, September 8, 2023

HOW A standard OPELE IFA should be

A standard Opele has 8 qubits and 256 quantum states. To achieve quantum supremacy, one would need, at a minimum, a cascade of 32 Opele. 

While the Opele is faster than the Ikin, the Ikin is older and more robust than the Opele. All the same, the Ikin and the Opele are essentially the same divinatory tool, for they’re integrated to generate the same 8-bit signatures (Odu Ifa). 

Similarly, while a quantum computer is faster than a digital computer, a digital computer is older and more robust than a quantum computer. All the same, both digital and quantum computers are essentially the same system, for they’re integrated to generate the same results. 

In all, computationally, the Ikin converges with digital computers, and the Opele converges with quantum computers. Needless to say, the Ifa divination system can be integrated into a practical application in different areas: cryptography, complex topology, etc. 

Ifa gbaye.

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