IFA talks on Albino and their works

 IFA talks on Albino and their works

The initiated ones have palm oil
The uninitiated ones have blood
This the IFA oracle divined for OBATALA
That decides to offer sacrifice to his heavenly children

IFA says, the blessing of prosperity, the blessing of manifold success, the blessing of victory
IFA directs him to offer sacrifice of longevity for his children

The sacrifice of dry materials that include dried rats, dried fish, obi, orogbo, water, snail, pigeon, ori,
OBATALA heard and offered a sacrifice of long life, because his male and female children, that was how they got victory over death and sickness
Hence, the heavenly children of OBATALA were blessed

and so the chant goes
initiated ones have abundant oil
initiated ones have abundant oil
while uninitiated ones have abundant blood
while uninitiated ones have abundant blood
Albinos are natural prophets from GOD, sent here to direct our spiritual steps.

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