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Irete meji speaks of ILE (the mother earth) as the element of worship in the cult of OGBONI and ILE is seen as the most important and dominant force in creation.

 She secures all the living and the non living creatures of the OMNIPOTENT GOD – OLODUMARE.

ILE according to IRETE MEJI encompasses rivers, lakes, seas, hills and mountains - which are the spiritual personification of the mother – goddess of fertility to whom regular worship was made and unto whose bowel man finally returns at the end of his life

The below IFA verse from IRETE MEJI summarizes the importance of ILE (IRETE MEJI VII- ESE IFA KEJO)

Iyan bemu – bemu nii kun inu igba
Oro bemu- bemu ko kun ikun agbalagba
A difa fun ILE
To ni oun loun o kere gbogbo aye je
Ko I pe
Ko I jina
Ki ire gbogbo
Ka I ba wa ni jebute ire

Food (pounded yam) may fill a dish until it can take no more words
No matter how secret, the secret will ever remain safe

In the repository of an elderly people
Declared the oracle of IFA to earth
Who craved universal worship
Let all prosperity meet us at our domain
See how blessing follows sacrifice

IFA tells us that ILE (earth) consulted the oracle of IFA asking how she would profit from men’s undertakings and blessings in life. 

IFA instructed ILE to offer a sacrifice of 16 OBI, 16 OROGBO, 16 ATARE, 16 RATS, 16 PIGEONS, and 16 GUINE FOWLS AND 16 BAGS OF COWRIES.

ILE agreed and offered the sacrifice as directed by IFA. Indeed the work and the profit of all living being returned to ILE with profit. We build and all our undertakings and investment, our achievements and children is made possible because of ILE – and to Her we return - to the bosom of earth - after our earthly journey. 

We grow, we struggle, we become poor or rich on earth and later we are all swallowed up by the same ILE. 

Men ‘s profit and poverty in life will in death end up in the belly of the earth – AGBALAGBA - another name for OGBONI in the context of earth worship and propitiation

Irete meji says the Ogboni Society was founded to secure the worship of mother – earth. This forms the central part of all the ceremonies of the society. 

The proper time for propitiating the earth and ensuring its fertility is after all the necessary ceremonies were done and all rituals are carried out.

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