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The odu Irosun Meji speaks of female energy and it is centred around divinity Osun as the basis of existence. It speaks of the female energy controlling the universal rythm and the power to be. 

The odu speaks of the importance of ORISA OSUN, as the creator of ERINDILOGUN - the sixteen cowries, which is the fraction part or extraction of IFA complete divination (256 odus).

Probably the odu was created by OSUN so that her marriage to IFA ORUNMILA BABA AGBONNIREGUN will be of immense benefit to human race.

 Indeed OSUN name is OSUN INU IBU meaning “a revered female diety that lives in the deepest of the ocean”.

 Irosun meji signifies the support of female energy to illuminate life, ensure fertility, give protection, convene wealth, deter evil manifestation and ensure that life is blended with natural order of things to attract the best life can offer.

The odu speaks of fertility, birth of the twins, that of the same kind, that is, two male children.

 One of the children will attain fame, wealth, popularity and shall be blessed throughout his life time. 

And the other child will die at birth to become heavenly partner or egbe orun or ebora that is the spiritual counter part of the living child.

If all necessary spiritual steps are taken, there is a possibility of divine protection, divine blessing and divine growth for the two boys to attain maturity, sound health and total growth. 

However rituals, initiation into IFA, ELA, ESU, OSUN, IROKO, IBEJI, KOORI, OGE, OYA, SANGO, are needed to revert negative vibration to positive vibration. 

Irosun meji speaks of physical reality and physical manifestation aided with spiritual support that will bring good luck and ensure the fulfillment of the physical destiny. 

The odu speaks of the importance of female energy and female deities in the universal order of things.

Ifa ko je bo naa, ofin
Ela koje bo naa o dode orun gbure gbure
Ada nko
Ada nko
Ada nko
Ada lo odo
A difa fun eleko idere
Eyiti o loro kale le o to le
Eleko idee
Se bo l ola
Oroso, Dudu , ogbaja funfun
O fa poti tidi olé kenka
Eleko –idere se bo loojere
Orunmila maje ki ola emi ati ebi ni o parun


Make our ritual accepted
Make it go up to the abode of divinity
If farming brings no profit

And fishing yields no success
Take up commerce
Make sacrifice
Before long very soon
Profit will come

And success follows
Thus declare ifa to the petty trader from the city
Petty trader of idere
You complained that business was bad
After sacrifice, now you are rich

You dress in cleanest white
And contrast it with royal black
But yet, you still pretend
That business is bad
Orunmila, let not the prosperity of my well wisher and my success diminish


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