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Both Orunmila and Obatala performed rituals to attract multitudes of followers that would spread their names throughout the universe. 

According to OGBEKA it was like this:

Aki I yo eyin adie ninu omi
Lati owuro ki dale ko to gbe
Bi omunu ogede ba pe ninu omi
Kio gbe boro boro
A fo aso tan ninu eji
Eji ko da , a ko ri oorun saa

Lo difa fun akoka
Ti nko gbogb aye ni ifa
Lo difa fun aseda
Ti nko gbogbo agba ni imoran
Won ni awon mejeeji rubo ajalu
Ki won ma baa j anile aye
Ki oruko won ma baa si parun

Mo juba akoda mo juba ase da
Gbogbo omo awo ni kii o maa juba yi
Iba ni a a ju fun oniba
Omo awo ti ko ba juba akoda
Bi o ba difa , ifa re ko le se
Omo awo ti ko ba juba aseda
Bi o rubo, ebo re ko le da

Iba ni a a ju fun oniba
Mo ji mo juba akoda
Mo ji mo juba aseda
Gbogbo ohun ti mo ba wi ni ki o se


No one removes the eggs of the hen from the water
From morning till dawn without being dry up
Whenever a banana plantain is put inside water
It will not ripe in time
We wash the cloth in the rain

The rain does not stop
While the sun does not appear to dry up the cloth
This IFA divined for AKOKA (teacher)
That teaches Ifa’s oracle to the whole world
It equally divines ifa oracle to aseda – the creator

That teaches wisdom to the sages and initiates
The two eminent divinities were advised to offer ritual against disagreement
So that they will not disagree when they reach the physical world

To avoid a situation where their names would not be blot out
From the book of life
I give obeisance to the first creature
My obeisance to the creator
All the initiates give their obeisance
Obeisance to those that deserves obeisance
Whoever among the initiates that do not give obeisance to the first creatures

Whenever he consults ifa divination, it will end up in total fiasco
Who among the initiate that do not give obeisance to creator
Whenever he offer sacrifice, such sacrifice will not be accepted by the divinities
Obeisance must be given to those that deserve obeisance

I wake up in the morning to give my obeisance to the first creature
I wake up in the morning to give my obeisance to the creator
All my steps and plan should witness the support of creator

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