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ODU Ika Meji

Ika Meji


You will take 7 obi, 7 orogbo , 7 ataare and you will mark Ika meji in the iyereosun collected on the opon Ifa and recite the “mantra” below 7 times upon the obi, orogbo and ataare. 

You will then take a small quantity of black soap (ose dudu) and mix the charged iyerosun with the soap. 

You will then take the following feathers and insert them in the soap: 7 ikodide , 7 agbe , 7 aluko , 7 okin alade , 7 akalamagbo , 7 lekeleke , 7 aparo , and 7 awodi feathers . 

You will then let the soap rest for seven days close to the Esu stone or Esu shrine. 

Before using the soap you will get seven sponges and distribute the totality of the soap on these seven pieces of sponge, one for each day.

If some of the soap is left unused in the period of seven days leave it close to Esu or in your Ase room (ase room is where you have your ifa materials and other initiation pots or it can be a room set aside for your spiritual activities. If you do not have an Ase room place the soap in a room where it will be free from disturbance. 

During the seven days of ritual you must avoid sexual intercourse, abstain from alcohol, tobacco, grudges, rancor, fights, gossip and all negative feelings and situations. 

You shall in this period always hope for the best and the best shall manifest in your life as long as there is an appearance of the sun. Ase!

Ifa je bo na o je
Ela je bo naa o rode orun gbure
Iba rere awo ina
Lodifa fun ina
Won ni ko rubo ko baa lee lase
Maje ki nku , erigi alo
Difa fun ojigolo
Ti nlo o dena daje
Aje ki I pa omo ese je
Ifa golo nmo se yun
Ifa golo nmo se bo
Fife ire ni I foju jo ina
Difa fun olokun eseri
Inaki sekun dale
Ifa giyan ni mo se yun
Ifa giyan ni mo se bo
Ki ajinde ara ma je fun gbogbo wa bayi ifa


IFA, let my ritual go to the heaven

ELA, let all my supplication be at the 
presence of GOD ,

Men will pay obeisance to you
Even from afar

Thus declared the ifa oracle to Fire

But you must offer sacrifice, added the oracle

So your sovereignty can be everlasting
Let not the members of my house hold and me die before our time, the great master

Do this gently

So declared ifa oracle to the stealthy one, 

which is another name for the divine cat
On setting forth to ambush witches
Witches do not devour cats
For it is like to like (feathers of the same bird fits together)

Such as this witches are towards cat
Gently I went
Safely I returned
Just as you foretold, ifa
Some flowers flourish and bloom
Like wondrous flames of fire
And so will you
Thus declared ifa oracle to Olokun
Worshipped in the city of Esiri
As our lady of oceans
Monkey too is far more clever
Than leopards and tiger added the oracle
Softly to go
Safely to return
Grant my beloved ones and my household good health, wealth, success , safety, protection, progress
Long life and happiness

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