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IROSUN OSE, known as Irosun Oso
ifa jebo naa o fin
ifa let my sacrifice be accepted
ela jebo naa o rode orun gbure gbure
ela let my rituals go up to the heaven above

irosun seso
irosun seso
irosun ose
irosun seso

a difa fun orunmila
this divine ifa oracles for orunmila

a te fun osun inu ibu ti nse aya bara agbonniregun  and initiates osun  the wife 
of bara agbonniregun into ifa cult
nigbati won ree te ose isalaye do
on the day the were coming from the heaven above as a team to establish the foundation of the earth plain

won ni ode isalaye ti won mejeeji nlo yi
they were advised that the earth plain they were going

won ni ki rubo aseyori , ki won rubo asege
they should offer sacrifice of victory , harmony , peaceful coexistence and victory

nitori awon eleye
because of the witches ,

won a binu siwon nitori gbogbo ohun dara dara ti won o maa se fun adarihunrun

they would be angry with them because of the beautiful things they would to do to better the lives of human

won o ma muni lara da
they will heal the sick

aro yoo maari
the lame or the cripple would work

ireti awon eni ti ajogun ba ja yo ma yori si rere
those who were afflicted with ajogun ,or misfortune or punitive knight of heavenly doom will see the light of GOD and absolute victory

won o ma dawon esu odara duro lara awon eda alaye
the negative work of the great magician shall not have any evil effect in the life of men

ati paa paa ki won ajogun ki o ba ri ti won se
more so , misfortune will not be their lot

ifa tun ni awon ajogun paapaa yo ma ba orunmila ati aya re ja loju ala
the sacrifice prescribe by ifa to orunmila and his wife will deter evil dreams

ati won gbogbo eniti o fe dase won run ni ebo yoo bo mole
those who intend to spoil thier business or work and cooperation will be nailed to ground by the sacrifice

orunmila gbo gbigbo ebo o rubo ,
orunmila quickly offer the sacrifice

lawon iyami pada losi erona
the witches returned quickly to the middle way between heaven and the earth

ni ko ri ti orunmila ati osun se ma
that is how orunmila and osun have victory and overcome all misfortune

ni orunmila wa fenu kifa wipe
then orunmila speaks of his priest as thus
gbongbo ona pamo lese sunmi
all the path i tread will give way to success

a difa fun orunmila ohun osun
this divine ifa oracle for orunmila and osun

lojo ti won bo ni isalu aye
when they are coming from the spiritual plain to the world

lati lo re tun aye onife se ati gbogbo eda patapata
they intend to extend goodness to the lord of ife and all men throughout the world

nje eyin eleye bo be yin edabo
now the witches in the universe i give you obeisance

eyin eleyi
oh! Yes the witches of the world

eje ki ebo mi o da , ki ebo ko run
let my sacrifice be auspicious , and my ritual be accepted

ki ebo o wa run gbure gbure bayi
let my sacrifice go to the place of acceptance without hindrance

eyin eleyi ,
oh , ye the witches

mo beyin e dabo
i give obeisance to you , and salute you

eyin eleye
oh yee the witches

gbogbo ise temi ati iyawo ni ile aye ko yori si rere
let the hand work and the work of my wife be successful and fulfilled

eyin eleye mo be yin e dabo
oh yee, the witches of the universe

eyin eleye
oh yee , witches

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