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ODU Obara meji

Obara meji

You will take 7 obi, 7 orogbo, 7 atare, iyereosun, 3 feathers of ikodide, 3 feathers of agbe, 3 feathers of aluko, 3 feathers of lekeleke, 3 feathers of akalamagbo and a quantity of black soap. With exception of the feathers, you will grind the ingredients together. 

Then take your opon ifa or a white plate and mark the odu obara meji in iyereosun.
You will then recite the mantra below for seven times and leave the mixed soap outside to catch the dew of the night. 

Upon catching some of the dew take the soap in and adorn it with the feathers. You will then place the soap beside Esu Odara and mark obara meji and then osetura amukeke. 

If you don’t have Esu in the house, place the soap in a secluded and dark place in your house.

The mantra of Obara meji is as follows:

Ifa jeki ebo na o gba gbure gbure
Egun gogoro
Abijo logba logba
Adifa fun orunmila
Oka omoelerin atan

Eyin aseni

Mo mo yin, e dabo
Eyin aseni
Ere Omo won ilabata
Eyin aseni

Mo mo yin e dabo
Yaya sugudu Omo olu igbo
Eyin aseni ,
Mo mo yin e dabo

Eyin aseni
Ogan peteki Omo olu odan
Eyin aseni
Mo mo yin e dabo
Eyin aseni
Araba pataki nii somo won ileepo
Eyin aseni

Mo moyin e dabo
Eyin aseni
Okere fefe ni mo ti mo yin laseni
Maje ki aseni o se ebi mi ati gbogbo ololufe me , ifa ,



Make our sacrifice be gracious and go to the heaven above

The graceful dance of the tall masquerade
Whom we call IGUNNUKO

Conceals mortal danger

Thus declared the ifa oracle to Orunmila
I will reveal to you on the divining board, said ifa

Your concealed enemies who masquerade as friend, because of dual personality
First is the cobra in the field

I know him, I know his enmity now
And I will propitiate him

Next is the python of the marshes
I know him, I know his enmity now
And I will propitiate him

Next is the tall one of the forest whose real name is WICKEDNESS
I know him, I know his enmity now
And I will propitiate him,

Next is the short one of the plains, whose real name is JEALOUSY

I know him now and I propitiate him
Next is the ancient oak, whose real name is ENVY

I know him now
And will propitiate him
Next is the silk Cotton tree, your arch enemy from the city of IPO

I know him now, and I will propitiate him
I know them all now
And even from afar I feel their enmity
And I will propitiate them all

Ifa, protect me, my household, and my loved one from enemies within and without


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