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ODU Okanran meji

Okanran meji


Take 3 obi (kola nut), 3 orogbo (bitter kola nut), 3 ataare (alligator pepper pods) and cover the opon ifa with iyeroson and mark Okanran meji and chant the mantra below eight times. 

You will then take between half and one kilo of ose dudu (black soap) and mix the charged iyerosun with the soap.
You will use this soap for bathing in eight consecutive days. 

After the bath you will take some ori in your hand and rub your head gently saying: “My head will always lead me to where I will find good luck, mercy, wealth, peace and success”. 

You can also use the Ori for rubbing the legs, especially for women this is good, and you will recite the same prayer, asking for the legs to bring you to places of good fortune and peace. Ase!

Ifa ko o je ebo, naa o fin, ko je ebo o da,

ko je ebo naa orede orun bure bure
Sokoto mo jalawa

Adi ifa fun aluko ogogoro

Nijo ti n lo re saroji fun n ife oodaye

Ojo p aluko

Are idi e d odi

O d asure
Jeki asibi dasure fun mi ati gbogbo ololufe gbogbo ifa


Ifa ko o jebo naa fin ko je ebo o da ,koje ebo naa orede orun burebure

Okanran kan nihin

Okanran kan lohun
Okanran mejeji pakun kale oju won kpon
Kanrin kanrin di fa fun LAALU

Tii somo kunrin ode
Oruko ti a i pe ESU


Make my sacrifice auspicious, let the ritual be accepted

And let my undertaking go up to the place of divine realm

My mission will succeed

Thus declared Ifá oracle

When the tall cock, the diviner

Came to Ifá for advice

As the set out for ancient Ife

To make rain for the drought struck city

When tall cock succeeded

It rained and rained

Till he was soaked

Wings and tail

Soaked and confused

Wishing to bless

Instead he cursed

May evil intents turn to good deeds for me and my well wishers.

Make our sacrifice auspicious, Ifá

Let the ritual be accepted, and let my undertaking go up to the place of divine realm

If Okanran is cast on the right
And Okanran is cast on the left,
The configuration result in Okanran meji,

Is fraught with grave consequences

Thus declare ifa oracle to LAALU mighty lord of the cross roads
Whom we call ESU

May all my well wishers, my family member, friends and relatives live long Ifá
May we live to a ripe and old age.

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