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Ifa under this odu teaches us to ensure tolerance to attract the bundle of blessing of harmony , victory, fortune, and success in the physical state of existence, while in the spiritual realm we also be blessed with abundant success.

 We should because of intolerance become a worthless and clothless being.

We must learn to tolerate others, our wife, our husband, our family, and our friends to gain both the physical state and the spiritual state . 

The market is the physical state of existence, and those who want to live well must try to inculcate the habit of tolerance into his own life .

Those who become the leaders has the great attributes of tolerance. 

Ifa teaches us to have tolerance to build up a good family and build a good relationship either in our business life and in our daily activities. 

Those who possesses tolerance overcome losses, disgrace, destruction, dishonor, lawsuit, and untimely death.

Orunmila himself has these great attributes, that is the main reason he was labelled as the father of wisdom and knowledge, because nothing disturbs his peace of mind, and nothing causes him to anger.

Tolerance is one of the greatest sacrifice and rituals to leave well with our husband, or our partner. 

Through tolerance we cooperate and manage our wives, and through tolerance we take control of our lives.

Ifa let it be to your greatest interest, counsel and support to endow me with te spirit of tolerance so that i may live a life of a king in the physical state of existence.

Ifa let me be blessed with tolerance to overcome untimely death , sickness , loss, destruction , and other symptom of the punitive knight of heavenly doom.

Ifa stanza says:
Aja ti mo wi loran ti o ba fe
a daja Elegbara

agbo momo ti mo wi loran ti o gba
a dagbo mole
ototo eniyan ti mo ba wi loran
ti o ba fe

ejoo e si bo ti le se ni ko mase
oun ni yoo fowo agare bomi mu
a difa fun okookan ninu irunmole
nijo ti won n lo ree ba won najaa payamora
a difa fun Ogun pelu awon irunmole

won fe lo na oja ni ile aye
won ni oja ti e lo yi
ki orisa Ogun lo toju egbaa owo ey nitori olubode
Ogun ti ro wipe tani o le da oun duro lenu ibode

aye oun torun ka bo ntori  bode oja lasan lasan
ni Ogun, oni ja ole, ejemu oluwonran ,asinwin abeegun kikan afofoida ti bagba leru

ni Ogun ko ba toju owo kan kan , ko si toju egbaa owo nitori Olubode
Ogun ti ro wipe tani o le da ohun duro lenu , ni Ogun ba ko ri oja , nigbati o de enu bodeoja ni o ba olubode

eniti o je oga ibode wa ni Aja. Aja si ti mo Ogun , dara-dara wipe ko ni ipamara tabi ipayamora.

Ni Aja ba bere owo bode lowo ogun Lakaiye osin imole.

Ni Ogun ba da aja lohu wie se ko mo ohun ni  abi ko ma iru eniyan ti o se ni.

Aja wa da lohun wipe , ohun ti o wa ni ile yi ju wipe, mo ma e tabi nko ma e , ohun ti o wa ni le ju mimo ara eni lo.

Ni Aja ba wi fun Ogun wipe ki o tete mu owo bode tire sile, ki wahala ma ba sele, .

Ni Ogun wa da aja lohun wipe, wahala Aja gan gan ni o ti reti, wahala aja ni o fe ri.

Ni Ogun wa so fun aja wipe ki o kuro lenu ibode nitri ibunnu oun .

Ni Ogun wa bere ija pelu aja, ni o ba be aja lori, Ogun wa ro wipe, wahala ti tan, ni ko pe, ko jina, opolopo Aja wa yo si Ogun onija ina, bi Ogun ti nbe wan lori, ni awon opolopo aja miran ba yo si.

Ni won wa bu ogun je, ni won si fa ni aso orun re ya, bee si Ogun pa won, ni o si bewo lori . 

Bibe ti won be awon ajaanu aja won yi lori, nse ni won poo si titi ti apa Ogun ko le ka won mo, nigbati Ogun ba awon irunmole yii, ja ni awon opolopo eniyan ati awon irunmole toku , naa oja lo, ni won duna dura, ti won si nta, ti nwon si ra, ni olukaluku won si ko ere oja wasi le, sebi awon naa gba enu ibode, won si san owo bode, nitori won le paya mora.Ipari ija ni wipe, oja ti tu, gbogbo eniya si ti na oja tan, ti won ti pada wa si ile.

Ni Ogun wa wo inu igbo nitori aso re ti o ti fa ya, o wa be mariwo ope , o wa fi bo ara re nitori ki awon eniyan ki o maa ba ma fi se yeye, ki o ma ba bi lere wipe kilode ti gbogbo aso Ogun fi faya ti o si wa ni ihoho, lati ojo naa ati igba naa ni ogun ti nse lo mariwo dipo aso, ni gbogbo se wa korin wipe, ki ni aso Ogun , mariwo laso Ogun ooo , mariwo kilaso Ogun , mariwo laso ogun mariwo.

Ati wipe aini ipaya mora lo je ki Ogun di alaini aso lara.

Ipaya mora yi de nni ifa ko wa ki a ni nile aye, ti a ba fe leke ti a ba fe bori , ti a ba fe se ohun rere ati oun mere mere  in ile aye.

Ifa orunmila ni ipaya mara  nitori naa ni o se je Olori ninu gbogbo Irunmole, o si wa ko wa wipe, ki a ma ni ipayamara ki a le bori ohun gbogbo Ipayamara lebo , oun ni etutu ti a fi gbe ile oko  ti a fi se oko obirin , ti a fi dari oun gbogbo ki o le lo dara- dara. Ifa o ba wa fun mi ni ipayamara ki le bori iku, aisan, ofo, ofo, ese, ejo ati gbogbo ajogun orun patapa ase.


Let my sacrifice be accepted
Ela let my ritual goes to the heaven above
the dog that refuses to heed the spiritual advise

become Elegbara's dog the fat ram that I warned which remained adamant and stubborn
become an Esu's ram the person who refuses to heed the spiritual counsel

should be left to his or her foolishness
he or she will suffer the consequence of his or her action and bring woos to his life and destruction to the destiny of his or her generation.

This divine Ifa oracle for Ogun the god of iron and open Ifa divination to other great divinities in the cosmos while he and other divinities were about to go to the market of tolerance they were advised that the market they intend to go

they should keep two thousand cowries, the traditional money
Ogun the god of iron
the great fighter in battle
the great chief of ejemu oluwonran
a powerful mad man
a glitteringly sharpened sword that baffles

The old man believes, no creatures either seen or unseen, either human or ghost have the capacities to disturb him on the entrance gate of heaven or earth, not to talk of the ordinary gate of the earthily market.

Ogun decided not to keep any money. On the day of the market, Ogun the god of Iron  prepared and went with other divinities to the market . 

On reaching the gate, he met a dog, who was the chief guard of the gate of the market.

The dog as a guard knew Ogun very well. He knew Ogun as the god of iron and also knew the evil side of Ogun as a creature without tolerance. 

The dog then asked Ogun the two thousand cowries money as the entrance fees of the market.

 Ogun responded that the dog should know he is not human, but divinities and he should not be disturbed by any man or other creature.

The dog advised Ogun to comply with the rules and regulation, that anyone who intend to go into the market must pay the entrance fees and that Ogun should not be furious . 

The dog advised Ogun, but the later did not heed to the advised, he Ogun had decided to force his way into the market without paying the amount. Ogun told the chief guard to quit the entrance to avoid his fury.

In the process, a fight and strife ensued. Ogun beheaded the dog, not knowing that there were more dogs in hiding to fight him immediately. After beheading, two more dogs appeared, and attacked Ogun. Ogun killed the two. 

As he was killing them, more dogs appeared, they torn the cloth of Ogun and also bite him.

Ogun killed more dogs than ever seen, but more dogs continue to find his way to meet and attack Ogun , until Ogun ran to the nearest bush to cover himself with palm frond . 

That was how Ogun covered his nudity through palm frond or palm leave from the nearest palm tree.

By the time Ogun came back with the intention of going into market to carry out his commercial activities , the market had been closed, no one was in the market. Ogun lost out in the race of physical success, and human progress because of intolerance.

Ogun the most valiant and bravest divinties forfeited the gain of the market and the reward of commercial activities. Intolerance made Ogun to lose his cloth, honor and dignity, however he was forced to be using palm frond till today , according to the popular song

What is the cloth of Ogun ? Mariwo( palm frond)

What is the cloth of Ogun ? Mariwo is the cloth, mariwo is indeed the cloth.
Ogun become a clothless divinity because of intolerance

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