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Ogbe Meji or Eji Ogbe speaks of the beginning of creation and as well of the beginning of all things in the universe.

 The energy denotes prosperity, good wife, good husband, good children, sound health, long life, well being (karoju se ile aye), victory, and winning spirit. 

The ODU speaks of consciousness of wisdom and the sharing of wisdom to further the light of OLODUMARE (GOD) among divinities (Irunmoles), deities (orisa) and the entire human race. 

The ODU tells us to reach out to those who are in need and passing to them the wisdom of GOD so that we can discover ourselves in the service of GOD, and the consciousness of all Irunmole.

The ODU speaks of inability in ability, that we can not possess all the ability to do all things without spiritual support, and without rituals, sacrifices, and other important spiritual steps. 

To make life more meaningful, and more fulfilling, we must depend on God for the fulfillment of our life desire, and also seek the support of divinities, and ifa priest for our objectives.

An Ifa stanza has this to say of the above explanation:

Owo ewe ko to pepe,
Tagbalagba ko wo keregbe
Ise ti ewe babe awon agba
Ki won ko mako mo

Ohun ti ari lajo nran ara eni
A difa folu iwo , a difa foro
Lojo ti won yoo torun bo wale aye
Olu iwo gba igba iwa wa saye
Nigbati ti won de ile aye bi okunaye baja nibikan

Orisala ti je olu iwo a ran ORO ko lo so pelu Igba iwa
Bi o ba ti naa si okun naa
Asi di siso pada
Gbogbo nkan ti won ba si fi rubo
Oro a koo lo fun obatala

Nigbati o ya awon irunmole w adi ote
Won si ko ORO pe ki o ma ko awon
Ohun irubo pamo dipo , ti o fi nko won fun obatala

Nitoripe ORO ki se eru Obatala


The hand of the baby failed to reach the top

Likewise the hand of the old will not be able to reach the bottom of a keg with small hole at its entrance (everyone is important, and we must depend on ourselves, for betterment, and spiritual fulfillment)

Whenever the young ones seek the help of the old,
the old should be ready to give helping hand
We should always give a helping hand to one another

This divine Ifa for OLU IWO (ORISAALA) and divine Ifa for Oro
When they were coming from heaven to the mysterious world

OLU-IWO (Obatala) brought IGBA-IWA (the calabash of moral, habit, and good character) from heaven to the physical world

On getting to the world and whenever there is a problem or pandemonium in the world OLU IWO will send ORO to mend the situation,

ORO did not carry out his function without sacrifices and rituals and offerings,
All the materials received would be brought before Obatala

With time, all other divinities gathered together to conspire and envy OLU IWO and instruct ORO not to deliver sacrificial materials to OBATALA.


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