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Owonrin Meji (part b)

Owonrin Meji (6)

Owonrin meji signifies stagnation, limitation, lack, and scarcity. 

If you remember that odus are vibration from the most dynamic energy in the universe -OLODUMARE -, then all stagnation, limitation, lack and scarcity can turn around to attract surplus, plenty and abundance.

Ifa speaks of power in lack and the energy to stimulate this lack to do more such that physical manifestations are embedded in owonrin meji, just by the way of sacrifice, necessary rituals, prayer and other spiritual steps. 

Odu owonrin meji states the act of spiritual consciousness when the need to overtake shortcoming, lack and limitation are burning within man.

The need to instigate the vibration of owonrin meji is necessary to overcome lack of happiness, joy and fulfillment. The power of surplus is backed by the vibration of owonrin meji.

The following Ifa verse reinforces this explanation:

owon owo
n ni won inawo mini
owo omi
nni laa besun
opo ebi
nna laa peniyan
a difa fun eyi owon
omoba leyo –ajori
ajomi gbara
ajerese, yokun nisale
e jare wa, e wa raja omo oba
atewe atagba
ewa raja, eyi –owon
e sare wa, ewa raja Omo oba
ela jeki nbori aini, aimu, ailowo, ailaso, ailayo, ainilera, ainibukun


when money is scarce
resort to parsimony
when water is scarce

search for new spring
when food is scarce
prepare against famine
this declare ifa-oracle to eyi-owon,

the prince of ancient oyo
where,for want of palm oil
cooks made do with shea –butter.

present hardship not withstanding
added the oracle,
you will enjoy wealth and prosperity
come one, come all
come buy from eyi owon,

our right royal merchant prince
come old, come young
come sample the princely wane.

Ela, let me gain victory over lack of money, lack of abundance, lack of good things, lack of happiness, lack of good and sound health, lack of blessing.


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