The word oyeku meji actually denotes death. 

Death in this way does not mean ordinarily physical death but all negative vibrations, or darkness or anything that has to do with sorrow, bitterness, emptiness, or whatever can bring sadness to ones’ life. 

Oyeku meji indeed, denotes negative force, evil, ignorance, fear, worry, nervousness, lack, limitation, discordance, illness or ill-health, destruction, criticism, weakness, stress, laziness, condemnation, complaining, depression and any other negative emotion and negative feelings.

Ifa makes it clear in oyeku-meji that the world abounds with evil powers, and negative energies. 

 The negative vibrations ensure that nothing good works in the universe, and all these negative forces stand as blockages on our path, with unbelievable dark emotions emanating from our ancestral past, or our mind set, family curse, or other sources known or unknown to man, and other energies that are beyond human wisdom and intelligence. 

In fact, these mysterious phenomena could be as a result of our limited power to understand how divinities, deities and the ultimate power (OLODUMARE) work in the universe. 

Oyeku meji sheds little light on the secrets of darkness, and all the principalities embedded in the universe of doom.

However, Ifa response to oyeku meji is to design a mean to revert negative vibrations and death from our world. 

This is shown in ifa stanza that reads as follows:

Ifa ko jebo na o fin,
Ifa koje ebo na o yan, gbure gbure
Epinrin bale o o pinrin
Poroporo bale o ro poro
Ewe ogungun bale oro gbanikoko, gbanikoko

A difa fun baba oyeku oke-apa
Ti won npe ni oyeku san panna
Emi ni o yeku nu lori awo

Ifa ni o yeku nu lori awo
Eji-oye, ifa ni o ye kunnu lori awo
Eji oye
Orunmila k’o o ye ku nu lori emi


Make the sacrifice auspicious
Make it be lifted up to the place of acceptance

Epinrin leaves fall to the earth softly
Poro-Poro leaves fall with a thud
Ogungun leaves, when they fall reverbate thunder-like

So it is with men,
Everyone dies as he has lived,
Everyone succeeds as he performs

Thus declared ifa oracle to the master diviner from the hill of apa city.

All who consulted him received blessing from IFA, through his skill at divination
because, his clients all lived to old age.

He, himself became known as ‘HE, WHO KNOWS THE WAY TO AVERT DEATH’.

Against the danger of sudden death, in whom do adepts trust?

In ifa, under his appearance as EJI-OYE (EJI-OYEKU, OR OYEKU-MEJI)
Save me and my loved ones from untimely and sudden death, ifa!


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