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Reason why you are not dreaming or remembering dream and what to do



Reason why you are not dreaming or remembering dream and what to do

Men loss the power of communication through a pure act of indiscipline and lack of self and mouth control. Indiscipline leads to loss of spiritual power and sound divine communication. 

Food or gluttony is another way by which dream power is taken away from us. When man think of food and food, he will definitely loss his spiritual appetite which form his foundation, then the power of spiritual communication can be taken away also from those who uses food as a therapy or way to get over worry and other negative habit. 

Think less of food , develop your spiritual power and you will see the rate at which the messages of spiritual vibration will be communicated to you. 

Immoralities or sexual promiscuity is another way that disturbs the flow of spiritual mental and divine energies. Limit your intensity of sexual life only to your partner, and never allow immoralities.

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