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Reason why you must never speak evil either to yourself or anyone else


 Reason why you must never speak evil either to yourself or anyone else

The above IFA myth teaches us two important things. 

The first important thing is the importance of learning to speak good about one self and also about others.

 One should avoid speaking evil, no matter how grave our challenges or evil circumstances might be so that we will not be attracted to greater evils and thus bring into motion greater calamities from our utterances and from our mind.

 IFA says that good words and good minds draw spiritual and physical sympathy and love while a strong word or evil utterance are like weapons. 

Good and kind words according to IFA can serve as a mechanism for progress, long life, and happiness, whereas, a mean word or evil utterance can attract strong negative consequences. 

The second important lesson is the act of conforming to spiritual guidance, to be able to achieve certain physical, mental and spiritual objectives, that is, one should adhere to spiritual instructions to fulfill one`s destiny .

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