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Structure and Part of Ese IFA

Structure and Part of Ese IFA 

Nearly all ese Ifa have a maximum of eight main parts. 

The first part states the name(s) of the Ifa priest(s) involved in a past divination. 

The second part states the name(s) of 
the client(s) for whom the divination was performed. 

The third part states the reason for the divination while the fourth part contains the instructions of the Ifa priest(s) to the client(s) after the divination. 

The fifth part then tells whether or not the 
client complied with the instructions. 

The sixth part narrates what happened to the client(s) after he carried out or refused to carry out the instructions. 

The seventh part contains the reactions of the client(s) to the joy or sorrow that resulted from the process of divination while the eighth part draws a fitting moral from the story as a whole. 

At the end of the seventh part, in some Ese ifa, there is a repetition of either Parts I-VII  or Parts I-IV before the lfa priest returns to the eighth part. 

It must be stressed also that not all Ese Ifda make use of the eight-part structure analysed above. 

There are some Ese IFA known as Ifa Keekeekee (small poems of Ifa) which make use of Parts I-III and also Part VIII but in which Parts IV-VII are absent. 

Such Ese IFA are usually shortened versions of the normal eight-part type.

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