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Word play in Ese IFA

Word-play is perhaps the most important distinguishing feature of literary style in Ese IFA . 

It consists of two main parts, namely, word-play proper and tonal word-play. 

Both sometimes occur in combination. 

The most recurrent type of word-play in Ese ifa is that which makes use of the names of the Odu.

 This type of word�play which can be found in almost every Odu usually dwells 
upon names of the Odu.

 This is achieved by two methods. 

The first method constitutes one or two syllables out of the  name of an Odu into a separate word (which may or may not 
have meaning) and makes use of the separate word so formed  for word-play. 

The second method makes use of a word similar  in form to the name or part of the name of an Odu for word play. 

This type of word-play may or may not involve tonal  change (i.e. the tones on all the syllables involved may be the  same or may be different). 

The following representative examples taken from four Odu illustrate both types of word-play. 

(a) The name of Odu is Oyeku Meji, and the syllables employed for word-play are Yẹ, ọyẹ

. Bi o bayẹ

Emi o yẹ. 

Yangi ile, wọn o gbọdọ Yẹle; 

Atari, Wọn 0 gbọdọ Yẹ ero ọja.

If you move away to one side, 

I will not move. 

The stone foundation of a house must not fail the house. 

The head must not fail to support the market woman. 

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