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AJE rituals that look like Money Ritual


 AJE rituals that look like Money Ritual

This is a ritual that you will do that will make people thinks that you did money rituals but you did not.

People believe once it is Aje, there is always a repercussions.  Its a lie

Those who did spiritual work on aje for you and has repercussions are using black power.

Here we are invoking AJE into your soul, matching it together such that anywhere you are, people see AJE at work.

AJE is not for battle, if you have spiritual problems. It might hinder it from working

But we can do Consultation for you to know if there is any spiritual problems before invoking it into your Body.

You don’t have to be here, its your soul that would be invoked. It is in levels.

Step one - No consultation just the ritual

Step two - Consultation and rituals

Step three - Consultation, solutions and rituals.

Each step has its own process and prices which are not the same

If anyone says you need human parts, run away.

If you need any of the above level, message me..

This Article is written by AJE NLA (whatsapp +2347031178647).For the following:::

IFA consultation and Divination

Egbe Orun initiation

Appeasement of Egbe Orun

Yes and No questions

Feeding of Ori (inner head)

Feeding of ORISA


Solutions to Problems



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