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Beating out the Evil spirit using Broom - Explanations of what actually happened


 Beating out the Evil spirit using Broom - Explanations of what actually happened 

I have seen many prophet tries to do this feat but they don’t know what it entails.

Some of us attend white garments church and the next thing you notice is someone in the spirit realm trying to use or using palm tree leaves to beat us in a light mode or way while in some cases you will be drawn outside and beaten mercilessly.

The severity of the beating depends on how stubborn the spirit in you is.

Many Prophet actually do this but cant explain why or what is behind it.

Now let me tell you.

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The palm tree leave they used is some times reference to as Spiritual sword, beating you is loke using the sword to slay the evil spirit in your body or surrounding you.

Palm tree is IFA tree, it has high significance in IFA religion. In Yoruba story of creation we knew that Palm tree was mentioned, in OBATALA story of creation palm tree was also mentioned and that is why in IFA, we use some special species of Palm tree for IFA initiation.

Using palm tree leave for beating evil spirt out of someone means your prophet is trying to harvest divine power using IFA in a more coded way .

IFA on the other hand wouldn’t be angry for using his method or idea or way to solve or cast evil.

The evil spirit on the other hands doesn’t like pain, hence the beating.

The more pain inflicted on you, the more pain the evil spirit will felt thereby making your body an abomination for them at that moment, so they flee.

The prophet seeing that the evil has flee your body must then make some sort of higher ban on the body such that the evil being chased out will not later come back.

This is what most prophet can’t do. They do the Job half way.

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