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Christianity vs IFA - which is cheaper?


 Christianity vs IFA - which is cheaper?

I don’t really like comparing religion but have seen many people not hearing that you are an Ifa student.

Christianity has many controversies, part of which is that Christianity doesn’t talk about reincarnation. How then do you believe in IYABO or BABATUNDE ?

Why do you feed the dead by doing Sara? All this are not in the bible but people do them. 

Analysis of the money involved 
During Covid 19, many churches are donating money to the government with little or no churches giving out food stuff to church members. Instead most churches are doing online services and tithe payment via online medium.

To do Ifa spiritual work is not costly, depending on Babalawo and location because prices of materials varies.

Ifa spiritual work is one time unless you have new enemies which ifa would guide you about

In church, you do Sunday rituals of paying offering, you would even make donation for church projects like schools etc which after the completion of such projects, you cant afford to send your wards to such schools. But you dont see anything wrong with it.

You pay 10% of your hard earn money monthly with no remorse. Imagine making 100k in a month and we have like 100 people making such income in that particular church. The church is making a sum of 100k from just people. This is excluding projects money etc. some even say that your heaven will lock and close if you dont pay 10% and you believe it.

Now you pay that money for a year.

Where as in IFa,you can only visit Babalawo like 2 times in a year depending on your problem which ifa would remove it at once. If you don’t have problem why then would you go to Babalawo to waste money?

In church it is important to go every sunday to drop money.

If is considerate about your health, you fast once in a while but in other religions some pastor would recommend fasting till your problem is over. Doing this put you at risk in health. 

I can’t talk much.

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