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Difference between IYAMOPO and IYAMI Eleye


 Difference between IYAMOPO and IYAMI Eleye

In my previous post, i have talked about the similarities between IYAMOPO snd iyami Eleye.

In this post, i will talk about the difference between IYAMOPO and iyami Eleye.

IYAMOPO are water based terrestrial spiritual Powers 


Iyami Eleye are land Based Terrestrial spiritual powers.

I can’t possibly say which one is more powerful than the other.

But all i can say is that they both work together to bring balance to this world.

They do not want me to say more than this.

You can contact me to activate this in you as a woman.

Note a consultation would have to be made first, to know where you belong between the two and if they would want you to be part of them.

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