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Difference between Miracle and Magic


 Difference between Miracle and Magic

I have ask this question from various mind and everyone doesnt mean to understand it or talk about it fully.

Miracle and Magic are like brothers,they goes together and it is just a slight difference that differentiates the two.

Can we talk more on it.

Only OLODUMARE has the power to do Miracle and in Order for Man not to be disturbing OLODUMARE for miracle everyday OLODUMARE has put Miracle at every corner of the word and in every things both living and non living.

Because Miracle is everywhere that is why you plucks vegetables and herbs that it work for you.

Miracle is in the soil ,you plant seed and it germinate and bring fruits 

It is because of Miracle that men can sleep with their wife and give birth.

To access the power of Miracle, you dont need any middle man, be it spiritual father, mentor, pastor,Imam, and whatever they call themselves.

You just have to access it.know the right ingredients and its yours.


When we talk about Magic.

Magic rely on the old law whichs say you have to trade something for something.

Magic work as a give and take.

I can say Boldly that those who claims to be doing Miracle are nothing but a packaged Magician.

You want a healing, they delve into you and look for something deep within you that you dont even know its there.

Something you dont need at the moment but might be useful in the coming years.

The so called Miracle Man of Whoever God he claimed to be., traded the acclaimed miracle for something else within the seeker and boom. It is done.

That is why after few years or months, Something else develop,the need for what has been traded for arises and it is gone.


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