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Difference between Money Ritual and Oshole (hidden truth)


 Difference between Money Ritual and Oshole (hidden truth)

In those days, it is people who belong to cult that used to do Money ritual and Oshole and the method is always hidden and unknown to people.

This days , those who don’t belong to any cult are doing rituals and oshole because everyone wants to be rich.

Later people get to know that it has consequences and people have started looking for something to bring money with leas consequences.

Those who don’t know the right path always fall victim of such evil people, you dont have to do bad rituals to make it in Life.

This article is all about knowing the difference between oshole and money rituals.

The two are almost the same thing.

In Oshole the person that did oshole might not be the one to suffer for it, might not be the one to pay for it, in most cases .it is his Family that would pay for it ,!be it in his Lifetime or after he is Dead

While in Money rituals, you pay the Price by yourself.

Both are against the Law of this country and any Babalawo or person involved should dance to the tune of the Law.

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