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Disadvantages of Using two different Spiritualist / Babalawo at a time


 Disadvantages of Using two different Spiritualist / Babalawo at a time

I don’t know why people always believe having more than one spiritual Babalawo is a good thing.

The damage in it is more than the benefit.

If you are using one Babalawo and you think that things are not working out, try another one. 

Don’t combine two or more Babalawo together at the same time.

Babalawo are more spiritual than the other

Babalawo has more power than the other

Babalawo has more knowledge and insight than the other.

Some Babalawo are a taboo to themselves, no matter what they do, it would not work.

Some Babalawo would do small things for you and it would work. Just a word from an elder can solve your problem.

A.  Some Babalawo are into dark power and they use peoples part and blood for their spiritual work, such spiritual work doesn’t work for some people. This kind of people always give you what you didn’t ask for. They create another problem for you in the name of solving one problem.

B.  Some Babalawo rely solely on OLODUMARE and Orisa , they follow their strict order.

Mixing Babalawo A and Babalawo B spiritual work will affect you because their power source is not the same. One will disturb the other.

If you think you are here and have used the wrong spiritual work and it has alreqdy affected you such that no other spiritual work is working for you.

You need to realign yourself with pure spiritual work and some thorough cleansing to remove those bad spiritual work from your system. Sometimes it involve killing of Ram etc to redeem you fully to your original self. It takes a lot of time like 1,2 or 3 year or so for full recovery but it is possible .

Stop mixing Babalawo and spiritual man or else all will be done on you and you will continue jumping up and down looking for solutions but you would not find one because true power is Hard to find.

If you are in this kind of situation, it’s money but you will get out of it.

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