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Do spiritual Husband / wife lock peoples destiny?


 Do spiritual Husband / wife lock peoples destiny?

No. If anyone told you that spiritual husband and wife lock your destiny just run away.

The importance of those spiritual husband is to help you fight your battle.

We all belong to one family or the other, some of us left our Husband and come to earth while other left their wife and come to earth.

But when we reach this world, we forget about them.

When we are young we keep contact with them but after a while we loose contact and when they later show themselves, we started running away because our Religious believe doesn’t talk about those advance knowledge, they tell us that whatever is not in the holy book doesn’t exist.

:so we started running from Pillar to Post looking for a way to separate us from them.

Are they that bad?  No.

They are not the own holding your success, they just want to be part of your Life while you are here on earth.

They are not against your progress because a progress to you on earth means a progress to them spiritually. Why would they be holding your destiny?

Those are false teachings created by some people just because they want you to see them as God or they don’t want you to know the truth.

AM AJE NLA, i speak from what i have seen and what i know. Nothing but the truth.

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